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Let's be honest: health advice can be confusing.
It's time to get empowered with real, trusted advice you can actually use.  
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Each membership gets you access to ALL past months content for just $39
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Your health & wellness is worth it!
 Membershi Reopens March 1st-March 10th, 2020!
Topics you'll have access to:

*NEW THIS MONTH* Digestive Health 101
Adrenal fatigue
Anti-Aging skincare
Detox 101
Hair loss
Irregular period
Low energy
Ovarian Cysts
Post Birth Control Syndrome
Post-pregnancy care
Pre-Pregnancy prep
Weight gain
Here's a summary of what you get:

- A detailed video lesson by me about a popular health topic to help to understand why it occurs and how your specific symptoms can be treated 

- A worksheet tailored to the health topic of the month with specific action steps to follow so you can FEEL (& see) the results 

- Recipe of the month that incorporates foods known to improve the health concern we are discussing- no more crazy juice fasts or depriving yourself to get healthy

- LIVE Q & A with Dr. Laura every month- submit a Q or simply tune in live for even more info on how you get your health back in order FAST (plus debunking all the health myths out there!) 

- Access to a private community of women in our HER Health Club Facebook group-- support is everything! 

PLUS, access to ALL previous month's topics- not just the current month!

All for just $39 & no commitment!

So if you know you're worth it, are ready to take charge of your health for good AND want to start seeing real changes that last, I would love to see you inside HER Health Club!

Membership opens for the first 10 days of each month to new members. If you'd like to join during closed periods, simply send an email to info@drlaurabelus.com to be put on the waitlist. We will let you know as soon as the next month's membership window opens up!

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