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Let's be honest: health advice can be confusing.
It's time to get empowered with real, trusted advice you can actually use.  
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*OCTOBER* All about Detox
Hair loss
Irregular period
Low energy
Ovarian Cysts
Post Birth Control Syndrome
Post-pregnancy care
Pre-Pregnancy prep
Weight gain
Here's a summary of what you get:

- A detailed video lesson by me about a popular health topic to help to understand why it occurs and how your specific symptoms can be treated 

- A worksheet tailored to the health topic of the month with specific action steps to follow so you can FEEL (& see) the results 

- Recipe of the month that incorporates foods known to improve the health concern we are discussing- no more crazy juice fasts or depriving yourself to get healthy

- LIVE Q & A with Dr. Laura every month- submit a Q or simply tune in live for even more info on how you get your health back in order FAST (plus debunking all the health myths out there!) 

- Access to a private community of women in our HER Health Club Facebook group-- support is everything! 

PLUS, access to ALL previous month's topics- not just the current month!

All for just $39 & no commitment!

So if you know you're worth it, are ready to take charge of your health for good AND want to start seeing real changes that last, I would love to see you inside HER Health Club!
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